UOL Covid-19 PCR Quality Analyzer


  • FDA approved. CFDD approved (Trinidad & Tobago).
  • Fast Results: Positive results in as fast as 12 minutes, negative results in 40 minutes.
  • Highly Accurate: 96.1% Accuracy with no false positives when compared to a highly-sensitive PCR test.
  • Powerful Detection: Analytical sensitivity over 20,000x higher than some commercially-available rapid antigen tests.
  • Easy Workflow: Anterior nasal swab sample collection, set up and run a test in under 5 minutes.
  • Clear Results: Mobile app automatically interprets data with clear-text results.
  • Tech Enabled: Patient registration, SMS result delivery, and automated reporting also available*.
  • Beyond COVID: Additional tests utilizing the UOL COVID-19 Instrument in development.
  • COMING SOON: Test Kits for
    • Flu
    • Monkeypox
    • Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Infection
    • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
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Fast & affordable PCR-quality COVID testing for labs and clinics.

The UOL COVID-19 Test is an FDA-authorized, PCR-quality COVID test system that returns results in as fast as 12 minutes with a 96.1% Accuracy compared to high-sensitivity PCR – all for a significantly lower cost than other CLIA-waived COVID NAATs.The UOL COVID-19 Test has been granted emergency use authorization (EUA) by the FDA for use at the point-of-care setting and is available for purchase by qualified customers with a CLIA ID.

A new test for the new normal. The UOL COVID-19 Test uses a new, patented chemistry which is ideally suited for detection of infectious disease: Loop-de-Loop™ RT-LAMP. Loop-de-Loop™ RT-LAMP allows for the power of PCR without complex equipment. The result? Lower costs while maintaining accuracy.

Note: iPhone/iPad not included.

The UOL COVID-19 Test in 5 Steps:

1. Start
Open the DxPro app, scan your Instrument, scan your Kit, and register the patient:

2. Squeeze
Open the Test Kit, insert Assay Tube, and squeeze all of the Vial solution into the Assay tube:

3. Swab
Use the sterile nasal swab and collect a sample from both nostrils by making 5 big circles inside the nose:

4. Stir
Use the sterile nasal swab and collect a sample from both nostrils by making 5 big circles inside the nose:

5. Submit
Close the Assay Tube, seal it with the included sticker, and submit the test – that’s it!




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